10 Best Foods for Joint Health

Changing your diet is one of the best ways to look after your joints, keeping them supple, strong and supporting your body every day. Though vitamin and mineral supplements can assist with joint health, by far the best approach to take is eating the right foods as part of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

YIn this blog, we’re going to take a look at the 10 best foods you should include in your diet to take the best care of your joints.

1. Canned Salmon

You might think that fresh is always best, but in this case, canned salmon is better as it includes the bones for extra benefit. Salmon contains calcium and vitamin D to keep those bones strong along with lots of omega-3s that reduce inflammation.

2. Cherries

Brightly colored fruit is naturally good at reducing joint inflammation, and studies into cherries have certainly shown this to be the case. It’s all to do with the natural plant chemicals they contain, anthocyanins, which can also be found in blueberries and pomegranates.

3. Garlic

Garlic is useful for more than just keeping vampires away. It’s also packed full of health benefits that’ll support your joints and bones. Garlic has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and a recent study has found that it reduces the risk of osteoarthritis in the hip and strengthens your immune system, too.

4. Ginger

Ginger is one of those under-rated foods that has some remarkable health properties. It’s something of a wonder when it comes to joint health as it’s been found to block inflammatory-promoting substances and improves knee pain caused by arthritis. Any form of ginger is good, so try ginger tea and adding dried spice to your cooking.

5. Grapes

Grapes are a rich source of antioxidants and also contain compounds that reduce inflammation in the joints. One such compound, resveratrol, has been shown in a study to help prevent the thickening of joints associated with arthritis, and having grapes daily has been shown to reduce inflammation, too.

6. Kale

Leafy green vegetables are important to any diet, but kale is particularly good for our joints because it’s rich in nutrients and antioxidants like calcium, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, which keeps bones strong. Collard greens are a good alternative along with broccoli to liven up your diet a little.

7. Olive Oil

Using olive oil in your cooking is a great way to reduce joint swelling, decrease inflammation, and slow down the destruction of cartilage, the cushioning between our joints. Olive oil is a healthy fat that’s safe to include in your diet regularly, although we aren't yet sure why it’s so good for our joint health.

8. Red Pepper

Red peppers are just bursting with vitamin C, which is important in the formation of collagen in our bodies. It’s collagen that forms part of the cartilage that cushions the joints, as well as the tendons and ligaments that hold everything in place.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is rich in a chemical called curcumin, which has been proven to be as effective as Ibuprofen in reducing joint pain and inflammation. You can add turmeric directly to your cooking directly. Since it's also found in curry powder, having a regular curry can be beneficial to your joint health.

10. Walnuts

Walnuts are another nutrient-dense food that helps to reduce inflammation. Also containing omega-3s fatty acids that counter inflammation, walnuts are a good snack item to add to your diet. Walnuts, however, are high in calories, so don’t eat too many. Having one to two a day is sufficient for giving your joint health a boost.

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