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You don’t have to live with lower back pain. Dr. Scott M. Lund is an experienced and trusted chiropractor who serves the residents of San Diego and North San Diego County at Lund Chiropractic in Encinitas, California. He can devise a treatment strategy that relieves your symptoms, resolves the underlying cause of your pain, and gets you participating in life again. Call Lund Chiropractic today to make an appointment or take advantage of the practice’s convenient online scheduling service.

Lower Back Pain Q&A

What causes lower back pain?

About 80% of Americans develop back pain at some point in their lives. The causes are as diverse as the people affected. Your lower back pain may be related to an injury sustained during a car accident or sports activity.

Some individuals experience chronic or long-lasting back pain due to degenerative changes in the spine or muscular strain due to improper posture when lifting. Pregnancy also causes shifts in your weight and posture that often result in lower back pain.

What causes the discomfort?

An injury can throw the vertebrae in your spinal column out of alignment and cause damage to the muscles, tendons, and other soft tissue structures supporting the lower back. Because your lower back muscles are involved in virtually every movement you make, an injury can make it difficult to stand, walk, sit, or lie still.

Sometimes a herniated or bulging disc is the culprit. When the material in these cushioned pads that are located between your vertebrae pushes outward, it irritates nearby nerve roots. This causes localized back pain and pain that travels along the nerves to your legs and other parts of your body.

Spinal canal narrowing (stenosis) also causes nerve pain. Degenerative changes associated with arthritis can cause compression between the vertebrae of the spine and inflame nerves. The muscles and tendons in your lower back react to such changes by attempting to hold your spine in proper alignment and often become stressed and tight in the process.

What is the treatment for lower back pain?

It’s important that Dr. Lund identify the actual cause of your pain before proceeding with treatment. He conducts a thorough evaluation that includes a physical exam, analysis of your range of motion, and detailed questioning about the type of pain you’re experiencing. The nature of your pain often indicates the cause. For instance, burning pain that starts in your lower back and travels down your leg may signal irritation of the sciatic nerve.

Once he’s discovered the root of your pain, Dr. Lund may recommend:

  • Various forms of spinal adjustment to bring your spine back into alignment
  • Massage, gentle traction, and other therapies to relieve tension in your lower back muscles
  • A comprehensive rehab and pain relief program that includes corrective exercises, lifestyle changes, and other measures can help you recover from an injury and prevent future problems


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